Seasons Change. So does Love.


New York City's Hell Yeah Babies have released their next single, and it's called Grenade Season!

Recorded at Studio G Brooklyn, the Babies melded minds with sound engineer and Psychic TV/P-TV3 member Jeff Berner to refine their explosive live sound into a smooth dance-pop confection that showcases their sleek new wave chops and self-reflective lyrics, combined with a boy band's sensibility for tight hooks and soaring harmonies.

The whole concept of Grenade Season is that a battlefield. Pretty crazy that no one’s ever thought of that before.
— Sam Paxton, Guitar and Vocals

Grenade Season was a long-neglected demo that the band decided to revisit after the addition of former Ghost Hotel guitarist Sam Paxton to the lineup. With a pair of fresh ears, the boys wasted no time transforming what had once been a weighty ballad into a lean, mean, dancing machine. Julian added the secret sauce, a lilting synth lead cribbed straight from the 80's, on the last day in the studio, and the fix was in.

Fusing the cool swagger of Joy Division, the raw goth emotion of The Cure, and the meticulous pomp of Queen, Grenade Season is a sparkling dance track equally at home in a crowded discotheque or the privacy of your darkened bedroom.


Grenade Season Will be available on Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes, tidal, and others on 10/07


But Don't Take Our Word For it:

I’ve believed for a while now that the next huge wave in music will be a rebirth of the Power Pop genre. It’s long overdue but now on the verge, The Hell Yeah Babies, with their infectious hooks and dynamic live show, will be one of the bands leading the charge.
— DJ Rich Russo, "Anything Anything"
You can’t go wrong with four adorable boys in slick threads repurposing scuzzy surf guitar and power pop chords, but this is no tired nostalgia act. The Hell Yeah Babies are as modern as virtual reality, man buns and arranging casual sex from the comfort of you smartphone. The soundtrack for hot messes and cold dancefloors.
— Dominic Griffin, DCist
...the perfect set of waves to cap off an endless summer in the city, on the beach, or wherever the jukebox (or iPod) is playing The Hell Yeah Babies.
— Justin Hernandez, Impose

You should see them live,
they're much better live.

For grenade season we decided to go a little deeper into our pool of influences than just standard pop rock. Dark post-punk seemed like the best choice to accompany this reflective song about a soon-to-be failed relationship. The Hell Yeah Babies’ trademark harmonies are still there, but with a new wave sheen to get the goths dancing in the back.
— Julian Ames, Drumpfs

Quickie Bio

The Hell Yeah Babies are a rock band from Astoria, New York with an exclusive membership of Michael Pfeiffer, Julian Ames, Dylan Roth & Sam Paxton.  They play guitar, drums, bass and other guitar in that order and they all sing except Julian *. 

Mike, Dylan, and Julian have been playing music together for the better part of a decade and moved from New Jersey to New York so they could stop having to own cars and start being in a band together again. Sam, a college friend of Mike's and a songsmith in his own right, was the secret ingredient added after he too packed up his life in suburban Maryland and struck out to join the boys in making the kind of band that would make people stop looking at their phones. Now they're The Hell Yeah Babies

*Except when Julian wants to sing

Contact Info

E-Mail: thehellyeahbabies AT gmail dot com

Phone: (609) 306-7354

Address: 32-57 45th st, Fl. 3. Astoria, NY 11103

Upcoming dates

10/08: The Footlight, Queens NY

10/27: Count Basie Theatre, Red Bank NJ